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BT Investment Funds(Click on the fund name to display a distribution history for that fund)Back to Top
APIR codeProduct / Fund nameDistribution dateDistribution cpu
WFS0090AUAberdeen Actively Hedged International Equities30/6/202121.3321
WFS0088AUAPN Property for Income20/4/20171.2612
WFS0089AUBlackRock Scientific Diversified Growth30/9/20210.0000
RFA0020AUBT Active Balanced Fund30/9/20210.0600
BTA0023AUBT American Share Fund30/9/20210.0000
BTA0026AUBT Asian Share Fund30/9/20210.0000
BTA0021AUBT Australian Share Fund30/9/20213.5100
RFA0030AUBT Core Hedged Global Share Fund30/6/202110.8786
RFA0033AUBT Diversified Share Fund6/5/201938.7696
BTA0025AUBT European Share Fund30/9/20210.0000
RFA0002AUBT Fixed Interest Fund30/9/20210.0000
BTA0044AUBT Future Goals Fund30/9/20210.1100
RFA0062AUBT Geared Imputation Fund30/6/20214.4763
WFS0387AUBT Global Property30/6/20213.2823
RFA0019AUBT Imputation Fund30/9/20210.8000
BTA0042AUBT Income Plus Fund30/9/20210.0000
WFS0390AUBT InTech High Opportunity30/6/20160.0000
BTA0024AUBT International Fund30/9/20210.3200
BTA0131AUBT Japanese Share Fund30/9/20210.0000
BTA0077AUBT Multi-manager Balanced Fund30/9/20210.0000
BTA0078AUBT Multi-manager Conservative Fund30/9/20210.1000
BTA0080AUBT Multi-manager Growth Fund30/9/20210.0000
BTA0079AUBT Multi-manager High Growth Fund30/9/20210.0000
BTA0072AUBT Partner Australian Shares Core 130/9/20161.1018
BTA0073AUBT Partner Australian Shares Growth 116/10/202050.3783
BTA0074AUBT Partner Australian Shares Value 116/5/20171.0711
BTA0249AUBT Partner International Shares Core 19/12/20203.4001
BTA0075AUBT Partner International Shares Growth 130/9/20160.0000
BTA0076AUBT Partner International Shares Value 131/3/20160.0000
BTA0051AUBT Property Securities Fund30/9/20210.4000
RFA0012AUBT Smaller Companies Fund30/6/202115.6645
RFA0034AUBT Tax Effective Income Fund6/5/20190.4878
BTA0127AUBT Technology Fund30/9/20210.0000
WFS0096AUIntegrity Australian Share25/9/201741.6528
WFS0091AUInvestors Mutual Australian Share30/6/202111.2782
WFS0097AUPerpetual Conservative Growth30/9/20210.1200
WFS0092AUPlatinum International30/6/20217.7245
WFS0095AUSchroder Absolute Return Income Fund30/9/20210.4600
WFS0093AUSchroder Australian Share30/6/20217.7913
WFS0094AUSchroder Strategic Growth Fund30/6/20212.4814
WFS0098AUUBS Diversified Fixed Income30/9/20210.3200
WFS0099AUUBS International Share3/8/20160.0797
BT Classic Investment Funds(Click on the fund name to display a distribution history for that fund)Back to Top
APIR codeProduct / Fund nameDistribution dateDistribution cpu
RFA0021AUBT Active Balanced Fund - NEF30/9/20210.1000
BTA0060AUBT Asset Selection Fund8/5/20193.2062
BTA0003AUBT Australasian Bond Fund31/3/20191.0900
BTA0052AUBT Balanced Deeming Fund31/8/20160.2400
BTA0043AUBT Balanced Returns Fund30/9/20210.0900
RFA0011AUBT Core Australian Share Fund30/9/20213.3800
RFA0024AUBT Diversified Share Fund - NEF30/6/20212.0485
RFA0027AUBT Ethical Share Fund31/1/202011.3676
BTA0001AUBT Global Bond Fund14/9/20173.0385
BTA0022AUBT Global Energy & Resources Fund10/1/20030.0000
BTA0058AUBT International Share Fund31/7/20180.3860
BTA0041AUBT Monthly Income Fund30/9/20210.0000
RFA0013AUBT Natural Resources Fund30/6/202137.9867
BTA0064AUBT Select Australian Share Fund31/7/201822.0796
BTA0012AUBT Split Growth Fund30/9/20210.0800
BTA0011AUBT Split Income Fund30/9/20210.0000
RFA0023AUBT Tax Effective Income Fund - NEF30/9/20210.0000
BT Investor Choice Funds(Click on the fund name to display a distribution history for that fund)Back to Top
APIR codeProduct / Fund nameDistribution dateDistribution cpu
WFS0102AUWestpac All Australian Growth Share Fund30/6/20210.9802
WFS0326AUWestpac All Australian Growth Share Fund - NEF12/4/20160.0000
WFS0103AUWestpac All Australian Tax Effective Share Fund30/6/20216.5748
WFS0327AUWestpac All Australian Tax Effective Share Fund - NEF30/6/20215.4299
WFS0013AUWestpac Australian Bond Fund30/9/20210.0000
WFS0328AUWestpac Australian Bond Fund - NEF12/4/20160.0476
WFS0022AUWestpac Australian Growth Share Fund30/6/202112.7821
WFS0101AUWestpac Australian Property Securities Fund30/9/20210.2800
WFS0329AUWestpac Australian Property Securities Fund - NEF30/9/20210.1100
WFS0021AUWestpac Australian Tax Effective Share Fund30/6/202113.6907
WFS0033AUWestpac Balanced Growth Fund30/9/20210.0000
WFS0334AUWestpac Balanced Growth Fund - NEF30/9/20210.0000
WFS0011AUWestpac Cash Management Trust30/9/20211.0000
WFS0003AUWestpac Conservative Growth Fund30/9/20210.0000
WFS0034AUWestpac Dynamic Growth Fund30/6/20213.7148
WFS0335AUWestpac Dynamic Growth Fund - NEF12/4/20160.0000
WFS0023AUWestpac International Share Fund30/6/20212.4754
WFS0332AUWestpac International Share Fund - NEF12/4/20168.8233
WFS0032AUWestpac Moderate Growth Fund30/9/20210.0000
WFS0333AUWestpac Moderate Growth Fund - NEF30/9/20210.0000
WFS0289AUWestpac Sustainability Fund - Australian Shares12/4/20160.0000
WFS0330AUWestpac Sustainability Fund - Australian Shares - NEF31/12/20131.1800
WFS0290AUWestpac Sustainability Fund - International Shares30/6/20130.7563
WFS0331AUWestpac Sustainability Fund - International Shares - NEF30/6/20130.5019
Advance Alliance Investment Funds(Click on the fund name to display a distribution history for that fund)Back to Top
APIR codeProduct / Fund nameDistribution dateDistribution cpu
ADV0082AUAdvance Asian Shares Multi-Blend Fund15/10/201924.7141
ADV0079AUAdvance Australian Equity Growth Fund10/12/20185.9451
ADV0011AUAdvance Australian Sharemarket Fund31/12/20002.3600
ADV0076AUAdvance Australian Smaller Companies Fund11/5/20170.5767
ADV0097AUAdvance Australian Smaller Companies Multi-Blend Fund15/3/20195.5661
ADV0114AUAdvance Concentrated Australian Share Fund28/7/20153.0322
ADV0086AUAdvance High Growth Multi-Blend Fund30/9/20210.3500
ADV0088AUAdvance International Fixed Interest Multi-Blend Fund30/9/20210.0000
ADV0089AUAdvance International Shares Core Fund21/3/20170.0000
ADV0090AUAdvance Moderate Multi-Blend Fund30/9/20210.5000
ADV0021AUAdvance Monthly Income Fund30/9/20000.4300
ADV0092AUAdvance Mortgage Fund30/9/20160.0000
ADV0026AUAdvance Multi-Fund Australian Extra Growth0.0000
ADV0027AUAdvance Multi-Fund Property Securities31/12/1998100.000
ADV0030AUAdvance Multi-Fund Worldwide Bond0.0000
CLOUT2003Advance Property Fund No.20.0000
CLOUT2004Advance Property Fund No.30.0000
CLOUT2005Advance Property Fund No.40.0000
ADV0101AUAdvance Property Securities Fund31/12/20180.1500
ADV0094AUAdvance Property Securities Multi-Blend Fund30/9/20210.0000
CLOUT2039Advance Short Term Bond Fund0.0000
CLOUT2001Advance Split Property Fund0.0000
CLOUT2011Advance Split Property Fund0.0000
CLOUT2013Advance Split Property Fund Growth0.0000
ADV0077AUMaple-Brown Abbott Australian Geared Equity Fund31/12/20110.7300
Advance Investment Funds(Click on the fund name to display a distribution history for that fund)Back to Top
Advance Pooled Superannuation Trust(Click on the fund name to display a distribution history for that fund)Back to Top
APIR codeProduct / Fund nameDistribution dateDistribution cpu
ADV0811AUAdvance Capital Stable Portfolio0.0000
ADV0042AUAdvance International Sharemarket Tax Ex0.0000
ADV0006AUAdvance Managed Portfolio0.0000
ADV0035AUAdvance Managed Tax Exempt0.0000
ADV0040AUAdvance Property Securities Portfolio0.0000
Advance Retirement Savings Account(Click on the fund name to display a distribution history for that fund)Back to Top
APIR codeProduct / Fund nameDistribution dateDistribution cpu
ADV0118AUAdvance Australian Shares Fund ARS31/3/20120.0400
ADV0119AUAdvance Australian Shares Fund ARS (NEF)31/3/20120.0000
ADV0120AUAdvance Balanced Multi-Blend Fund ARS31/12/20200.5100
ADV0121AUAdvance Balanced Multi-Blend Fund ARS (NEF)31/12/20200.5100
ADV0123AUAdvance Defensive Multi-Blend Fund ARS28/2/20210.1100
ADV0124AUAdvance Defensive Multi-Blend Fund ARS (NEF)28/2/20210.1200
ADV0125AUAdvance International Shares Multi-Blend ARS31/12/20200.0000
ADV0126AUAdvance International Shares Multi-Blend ARS (NEF)31/12/20200.0000
ADV0122AUAdvance Money Market Multi-Blend Fund28/2/20210.0200
Wholesale Plus Funds and BT Wrap Essentials(Click on the fund name to display a distribution history for that fund)Back to Top
APIR codeProduct / Fund nameDistribution dateDistribution cpu
WFS0378AUBlackRock Monthly Income30/10/20180.0000
WFS0379AUBT Macquarie Diversified Fixed Interest30/9/20210.0000
WFS0381AUBT Colonial First State Income30/9/20160.0002
WFS0382AUBT PM Capital Enhanced Yield30/9/20210.2600
WFS0384AUBlackRock Combined Property Income6/8/20130.0303
WFS0385AUBT Investors Mutual Industrial Share30/6/20210.4584
WFS0388AUVanguard Australian Shares Index30/9/20211.5900
WFS0389AUVanguard International Shares Index30/9/20210.2600
WFS0400AUBarclays Australian Listed Property Index30/9/20210.1000
BTA0310AUBT Multi-manager Australian Share30/11/202012.5879
BTA0312AUBT Multi-manager International Share3/8/20163.7361
BTA0311AUBT Multi-manager Fixed Interest30/11/20202.2687
WFS0409AUFidelity Australian Equities30/9/20210.0000
WFS0411AUTyndall Australian Share30/6/20214.6348
WFS0413AUColonial First State Global Resources30/6/20210.0996
WFS0414AUIronbark Waverton Concentrated Global Share Fund30/6/202113.3727
WFS0415AUT. Rowe Price Global Equity30/6/202126.2857
WFS0416AUTempleton Global Equity30/9/20210.0000
WFS0417AURREEF Global Property Securities30/9/20210.0000
WFS0412AUAustralian Unity Mortgage Income31/12/20160.0000
WFS0419AUAdvance Australian Shares Multi-Blend20/4/201616.0414
WFS0420AUAdvance Australian Smaller Companies Multi-Blend20/4/20160.0000
WFS0421AUAusbil Australian Active Equity30/6/20217.8956
WFS0422AUAusbil Emerging Leaders30/6/202122.2322
WFS0424AUSolaris Core Australian Share3/8/201616.0332
WFS0425AUZurich Australian Equity Income29/7/20190.0196
WFS0426AUBT Enhanced Cash30/9/20210.0600
WFS0427AUUBS Cash30/9/20210.0000
WFS0428AUAdvance Australian Fixed Interest Multi-Blend30/9/20210.9700
WFS0429AUAdvance International Fixed Interest Multi-Blend30/9/20210.0000
WFS0430AUOnePath Diversified Fixed Interest30/9/20210.5600
WFS0431AUMacquarie Income Opportunities30/9/20210.2400
WFS0432AUSchroder Fixed Income30/9/20210.3100
WFS0433AUAberdeen Emerging Opportunities30/6/202121.6394
WFS0434AUAdvance International Shares Multi-Blend3/8/20167.7644
WFS0435AUBlackRock Global Allocation30/6/202117.8136
WFS0436AUBlackRock Global Small Cap30/6/20170.0000
WFS0439AUZurich Global Thematic Share30/6/20210.1732
WFS0440AUAdvance Defensive Multi-Blend30/9/20210.4700
WFS0859AUPendal Wholesale Plus Active Conservative Fund30/9/20210.1400
WFS0441AUAdvance Moderate Multi-Blend30/9/20210.5700
WFS0860AUPendal Wholesale Plus Active Moderate Fund30/9/20210.1500
WFS0442AUAdvance Balanced Multi-Blend30/9/20210.4400
WFS0861AUPendal Wholesale Plus Active Balanced Fund30/6/20217.0093
WFS0443AUAdvance Growth Multi-Blend30/9/20210.4900
WFS0862AUPendal Wholesale Plus Active Growth Fund30/9/20210.1900
WFS0444AUAdvance High Growth Multi-Blend30/9/20210.4500
WFS0863AUPendal Wholesale Plus Active High Growth Fund30/9/20210.2300
WFS0445AUAdvance Property Securities Multi-Blend3/8/201644.2578
WFS0864AUAntipodes Wholesale Plus Global Fund30/6/20217.2246
WFS0446AUAPN AREIT30/9/20210.3300
WFS0865AUPerpetual Wholesale Plus Global Share Fund30/6/202114.2201
WFS0447AULazard Global Listed Infrastructure30/9/20211.9300
WFS0866AUSchroder Wholesale Plus Real Return CPI 5% Fund30/6/20213.5099
BTA0480AUBennelong Wholesale Plus ex-20 Australian Equities Fund30/6/202110.9367
WFS0867AUMacquarie Ws Plus Int Infrastructure Securities Fd Hedged30/9/20210.6800
WFS1033AUAntipodes Wholesale Plus Asia Fund30/6/202112.4646
BTA0476AUPendal Wholesale Plus Australian Share Fund30/6/20214.1671
BTA0481AUFidelity Wholesale Plus Australian Equities Fund30/9/20210.1000
WFS8168AUNikko AM Wholesale Plus Australian Share Income Fund30/9/20210.8900
BTA0477AUIronbark Karara Wholesale Plus Australian Small Companies Fund30/6/202110.9443
WFS8908AUSpheria Wholesale Plus Australian Smaller Companies Fund30/6/20210.1625
BTA0482AUPerpetual Wholesale Plus Australian Fund30/6/20210.8700
BTA0483AUSchroder Wholesale Plus Australian Equity Fund30/6/20213.4096
BTA0479AUAberdeen Wholesale Plus Actively Hedged International Equities Fund30/6/202114.5469
BTA0474AUAMP Capital Wholesale Plus Corporate Bond Fund30/9/20210.1700
BTA0478AUUBS Wholesale Plus Australian Bond Fund30/9/20210.4200
BTA0475AUAPN Wholesale Plus AREIT Fund30/9/20210.4600
BTA0536AUPendal Wholesale Plus Core Global Share Fund30/6/20210.6519
BTA0537AUNAM-Tyndall Wholesale Plus Australian Share Fund30/6/20211.1122
BTA0538AUT. Rowe Price Wholesale Plus Global Equity Fund30/6/202131.0570
BTA0539AUKapstream Wholesale Plus Absolute Return Income Fund30/9/20210.3400
BTA0540AUPendal Wholesale Plus Property Securities Fund30/9/20210.3100
BTA0541AUPendal Wholesale Plus Global Property Securities Fund30/6/20217.2098
BTA0543AURARE Infrastructure Wholesale Plus Value Fund-Hedged30/9/20210.4700
BTA0545AUSchroder Wholesale Plus Fixed Income Fund30/9/20210.4500
BTA0546AURARE Infrastructure Wholesale Plus Value Fund-Unhedged30/9/20211.1800
BTA0547AUPendal Wholesale Plus Fixed Interest Fund30/9/20210.0900
BTA0554AUIronbark Karara Wholesale Plus Australian Share fund31/7/20184.6044
BTA0557AUSchroder Wholesale Plus Australian Smaller Companies Fund16/5/201616.3897
BTA0548AUT. Rowe Price Wholesale Plus Australian Equity Fund30/3/20160.1416
BTA0549AUUBS Wholesale Plus Halo Australian Share Fund31/7/20180.1160
BTA0550AUPendal Wholesale Plus Global Emerging Markets Opportunities30/6/202115.0433
BTA0551AUFidelity Wholesale Plus Global Equities Fund30/6/20215.8266
BTA0555AULazard Wholesale Plus Emerging Markets Equity Fund30/6/20212.0138
BTA0556AUPerpetual Wholesale Plus Diversified Income Fund30/9/20210.3500
BTA0552AUFranklin Templeton Wholesale Plus Multisector Bond Fund30/9/20210.0200
BTA0553AUGoldman Sachs Wholesale Plus Growth & Emerging Markets Debt Local Fund19/12/20160.0298
BTA0564AUBlackRock Wholesale Plus Australian Equity Opportunities Fund30/10/201812.3126
BTA0563AUWingate Wholesale Plus Global Equity Fund30/9/20211.5100
BTA0566AUK2 Wholesale Plus Australian Absolute Return Fund31/7/20181.6772
BTA0567AUMan AHL Wholesale Plus Alpha (AUD)30/6/20213.7753
BTA0544AUMacquarie Wholesale Plus Income Opportunities Fund30/9/20210.0500
BTA0542AUWalter Scott Wholesale Plus Global Equity Fund30/6/20215.1977
BTA0565AUMagellan Wholesale Plus Global Fund30/6/20219.9000
BTA0498AUPIMCO Whoesale Plus Global Bond Fund30/9/20210.1900
BTA0499AUPIMCO Wholesale Plus Diversified Fixed Interest Fund30/9/20210.2200
WFS0858AUMagellan Wholesale Plus Infrastructure Fund30/6/20215.5052

The following three Funds from the BT Investor Choice Funds product menu have been terminated effective 7th May 2014:

  • Westpac Sustainability Fund Australian Shares - NEF, ARSN 100 438 275
  • Westpac Sustainability Fund International Share - NEF, ARSN 100 434 786
  • Westpac Sustainability Fund - International Shares, ARSN 097 965 654

BT now provides full component information for retail fund distributions on the public website.

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