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BT Wholesale Funds(Click on the fund name to display a distribution history for that fund)Back to Top
APIR codeProduct / Fund nameDistribution dateDistribution cpu
BTA0452AU1940's Lifestage Fund - A30/6/20163.7079
BTA0453AU1950's Lifestage Fund - A30/6/20165.4032
BTA0454AU1960's Lifestage Fund - A30/6/20166.0378
BTA0455AU1970's Lifestage Fund - A30/6/20167.0460
BTA0456AU1980's Lifestage Fund - A30/6/20167.1627
BTA0457AU1990's Lifestage Fund - A30/6/20167.0394
BTA0458AU2000's Lifestage Fund - A30/6/20167.6319
BTA0318ZZBT ALSF Portfolio 230/6/20120.0000
BTA0320ZZBT ALSF Portfolio 312/7/201383.9946
BTA0428AUBT Balanced Equity Income Fund31/8/20160.4000
BTA0385AUBT Currency Fund14/1/20130.8935
BTA0427AUBT Defensive Equity Income Fund31/8/20160.3000
BTA0321AUBT Dynamic Global Equity Fund30/6/20160.0000
BTA0315AUBT Enhanced Sustainability Australian Share Fund30/6/20160.2179
BTA0419AUBT Global Emerging Markets Opportunities Fund - Wholesale30/6/20160.9657
BTA0314AUBT Global Macro Fund14/1/20131.3786
RFA0028AUBT Global Return Fund31/10/20121.4282
BTA0321ZZBT Global Tactical Asset Allocation Equity Fund13/2/20123.6138
WFS0590AUBT Index Balanced Fund0.0000
WFS0588AUBT Index Defensive Fund0.0000
WFS0591AUBT Index Growth Fund0.0000
WFS0592AUBT Index High Growth Fund0.0000
WFS0589AUBT Index Moderate Fund0.0000
BTA0441AUBT Pure Alpha Fixed Income Fund30/6/20160.0000
RFA0811AUBT Sustainable Conservative Fund30/6/20163.2291
RFA0815AUBT Wholesale Active Balanced Fund30/6/20166.3952
BTA0100AUBT Wholesale American Share Fund30/6/201611.9646
BTA0054AUBT Wholesale Asian Share Fund30/6/20163.5842
RFA0064AUBT Wholesale Australian Long/Short Fund30/6/20160.9461
BTA0055AUBT Wholesale Australian Share Fund30/6/20165.1251
BTA0240AUBT Wholesale Australian Small Companies Fund13/11/20090.4020
BTA0806AUBT Wholesale Balanced Returns Fund30/6/20165.7486
RFA0065AUBT Wholesale Cash Plus Fund31/8/20160.3500
BTA0805AUBT Wholesale Conservative Outlook Fund30/6/20162.4861
RFA0818AUBT Wholesale Core Australian Share Fund30/6/201612.0532
RFA0821AUBT Wholesale Core Global Share Fund30/6/20165.5902
RFA0031AUBT Wholesale Core Hedged Global Share Fund30/6/20160.0000
RFA0100AUBT Wholesale Enhanced Credit Fund30/6/20163.2204
RFA0025AUBT Wholesale Ethical Share Fund30/6/20161.4166
BTA0124AUBT Wholesale European Share Fund30/6/20161.6845
RFA0813AUBT Wholesale Fixed Interest Fund30/6/20163.4312
RFA0059AUBT Wholesale Focus Australian Share Fund30/6/20161.5269
BTA0125AUBT Wholesale Future Goals Fund30/6/20163.1912
RFA0130AUBT Wholesale Geared Imputation Fund30/6/20165.6563
RFA0032AUBT Wholesale Global Fixed Interest Fund30/6/20164.9767
RFA0051AUBT Wholesale Global Property Securities Fund30/6/20166.1469
BTA0488AUBT Wholesale High Growth Fund30/6/20163.9843
RFA0103AUBT Wholesale Imputation Fund30/6/20164.7545
BTA0056AUBT Wholesale International Share Fund30/6/20160.4352
BTA0130AUBT Wholesale Japanese Share Fund30/6/20160.7292
RFA0061AUBT Wholesale MicroCap Opportunities Fund30/6/201631.6175
BTA0313AUBT Wholesale MidCap Fund30/6/20162.4018
BTA0487AUBT Wholesale Moderate Fund30/6/20163.5961
BTA0318AUBT Wholesale Monthly Income Plus Fund31/8/20160.2600
BTA0259AUBT Wholesale Multi-manager Australian Share Fund30/6/20164.9120
BTA0221AUBT Wholesale Multi-manager Balanced Fund30/6/20168.7416
BTA0222AUBT Wholesale Multi-manager Conservative Fund31/8/20160.0500
BTA0260AUBT Wholesale Multi-manager Fixed Interest Fund30/6/20161.6636
BTA0223AUBT Wholesale Multi-manager Growth Fund30/6/20167.2177
BTA0246AUBT Wholesale Multi-manager High Growth Fund30/6/20167.0600
BTA0261AUBT Wholesale Multi-manager International Share Fund30/6/201613.6589
BTA0241AUBT Wholesale Partner Australian Shares Core 130/6/20160.9168
BTA0242AUBT Wholesale Partner Australian Shares Growth 130/6/20164.6470
BTA0243AUBT Wholesale Partner Australian Shares Value 130/6/20160.6950
BTA0248AUBT Wholesale Partner International Shares Core 130/6/201631.6709
BTA0244AUBT Wholesale Partner International Shares Growth 130/6/20160.0000
BTA0245AUBT Wholesale Partner International Shares Value 131/3/20160.3900
RFA0817AUBT Wholesale Property Investment Fund30/6/20160.8289
BTA0061AUBT Wholesale Property Securities Fund30/6/20161.1050
RFA0066AUBT Wholesale Regular Income Fund31/8/20110.0000
RFA0819AUBT Wholesale Smaller Companies Fund30/6/201619.7645
BTA0126AUBT Wholesale Split Growth Fund26/7/20100.0410
RFA0102AUBT Wholesale Tax Effective Income Fund29/2/20120.2500
BTA0158AUBT Wholesale Technology Fund31/12/20090.0000
RFA0109AUBT Wholesale Value Global Share Fund30/6/20090.2560
BT Institutional Funds(Click on the fund name to display a distribution history for that fund)Back to Top
APIR codeProduct / Fund nameDistribution dateDistribution cpu
BTA0503AUBT Concentrated Global Share Fund0.0000
DSF1111AUBT Diversified Strategy Fund 130/6/20166.8683
DSF2222AUBT Diversified Strategy Fund 230/6/20166.8683
BTA0319AUBT Global Credit Fund31/3/20120.0000
BTA0420AUBT Global Emerging Markets Opportunities Fund - Institutional30/6/20161.6645
RFA0052AUBT Global Property Value Fund30/6/20160.0000
BTA0111AUBT Government Bond Fund30/6/20163.5153
PAF0001ZZBT High Alpha Fixed Income Fund30/6/20160.0075
BTA0106AUBT Institutional Conservative Growth Tax Exempt Fund16/12/20091.5060
IMA001AZBT Institutional Diversified Strategies Fund31/3/20130.0000
IMA0002AZBT Institutional Diversified Strategies Fund (GBP)30/6/20125.3276
IMA0003AZBT Institutional Diversified Strategies Fund (USD)30/6/201210.4025
WFS0007AUBT Institutional Enhanced Australian Shares Fund30/6/20163.4034
WFS0006AUBT Institutional Enhanced Fixed Interest Fund30/6/20132.2687
WFS0005AUBT Institutional Enhanced Global Fixed Interest Fund30/6/20164.3317
WFS0363AUBT Institutional Enhanced Property Securities Fund30/6/20162.6015
WFS0004AUBT Institutional Global Share Fund30/6/20162.2218
BTA0119AUBT Institutional Money Market Fund31/1/20121.0000
BTA0459AUBT Institutional Stable Cash Plus Fund31/8/20161.0000
BTA0322AUBT Long Term Income Fund31/8/20161.0000
BTA0484AUBT Risk Parity Fund30/6/20160.0000
BTA0323AUBT Short Term Income Fund31/8/20161.0000
SAF0001ZZBT Sustainable Australian Fixed Interest Fund0.0000
BTA0122AUBT Sustainable Balanced Fund30/6/20167.3053
SIS0001ZZBT Sustainable International Share Fund0.0000
RFA0108AUBT Total Return Fund30/6/20164.0708
WFS0285AUBT Wholesale Australian Sustainable Share Fund30/6/20165.4608
WFS0377AUBT Wholesale Enhanced Cash Fund30/6/20161.4768
WFS0245AUBT Wholesale Managed Cash Fund31/8/20161.0000

Please note: BT Institutional Managed Cash Fund (WFS0245AU) and BT Institutional Money Market Fund (BTA0119AU) are dollar stable funds and as such the CPU is not accurate. Please refer to the effective interest rate on the performance page for more information on this Fund.

BT now provides full component information for wholesale and institutional fund distributions and BT Investment Solutions funds on the public website.

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.

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